About the Company

PPHU "MISINIEC" has been on the Polish market since the 80’s. In the beginning, it was a one-man enterprise operating on the general construction carpentry market.

Thanks to the determination of its owner, strict adherence to the highest quality of products and workmanship, as well as an individual approach and genuine respect towards each and every client, the company has managed to build a strong position on the regional market and to create a well-recognized and trustworthy brand. A brand that is appreciated by its clients.

A natural consequence of its success was expansion of the production facility and extension of the products' range to include wooden construction elements and construction carpentry goods.

Eventually, its core business focused on production of wooden, external and internal doors, offered in a vast variety of models and colors.

Recently, the Company has moved into the production of wooden log houses in co-operation with companies from the Czech Republic, Germany and the USA.

In addition to the standard large-scale production, the Company still carries out individual, custom made orders.


Our doors meet all technical requirements, as well as health and safety standards. Our offer is directed both to wholesalers and retailers.

PPHU "MISINIEC" has achieved a stable market position and our sales are constantly growing. We are successfully competing even with much bigger manufacturers and selling a significant number of our products directly to construction companies on a wholesale market.